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In Scripture we find the wisdom we need to build our lives well, the joy our hearts long for, the strength required to weather life’s storms, and the truth, counsel, and comfort we crave. It’s where our ears are trained to hear and recognise the sound of God’s voice and as we engage with the written Word, we ultimately encounter the Living Word. Jesus is in every line. And when we find Him, He becomes the One that fills and fully satisfies our hearts.


Here at The Devoted Collective, we’re committed to helping you live a Word-rich life. We want you to discover the treasures found in the pages of Scripture so they can become your joy and heart’s delight (Jeremiah 15:16)–so that He can become your joy and delight.



Throughout the year we offer a range of mini-studies and deep-dive reading plans through a book of the Bible. To get the most out of your study we encourage you to join us in The Devoted Community where you'll also enjoy:

  • Bonus video teaching

  • Digging deeper posts 

  • Access to small groups

  • Guest interviews

Membership opens twice a year in January and June.




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A lineage of kings and patriarchs, a childless couple, an angel, a young virgin, a donkey, outcast shepherds and eastern magi, all assemble to take their place in the greatest story ever told: The day the true King came to earth. Join us this December for our Advent series: The Cast of Christmas as we explore the men and women, the heroes and villains, the animals and angels and the ways in which they point us to Jesus.


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