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In Scripture we find the wisdom we need to build our lives well, the joy our hearts long for, the strength required to weather life’s storms, and the truth, counsel, and comfort we crave. It’s where our ears are trained to hear and recognise the sound of God’s voice and as we engage with the written Word, we ultimately encounter the Living Word. Jesus is in every line. And when we find Him, He becomes the One that fills and fully satisfies our hearts.


Here at The Devoted Collective, we’re committed to helping you live a Word-rich life. We want you to discover the treasures found in the pages of Scripture so they can become your joy and heart’s delight (Jeremiah 15:16)–so that He can become your joy and delight.



Every quarter, we offer a deep-dive reading plan through a book of the Bible. Along with the opportunity for community participation, reading with us includes:

  • Daily devotions

  • Bonus video teaching

  • Digging deeper posts 

  • Access to small groups

  • Guest interviews




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Our John reading plan is getting started on July 18th! John peels back the curtain and invites us to behold with fresh wonder the One who has been with God since the beginning, the One through whom all things were spoken into being: the living Word, Jesus.


To join us,  grab a journal and devotional from the store,  or subscribe to receive the daily devotions via email. Then join us in The Devoted Community for bonus content, small groups,  and the opportunity to interact with other participants. (Please note Devoted Community members can download the journal and devotional for free in the community.)


We can't wait to read John with you!

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