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Want to love Jesus like she does?

We've all got that friend.

The one who's so on fire for Jesus, who genuinely loves Him, who's so devoted and passionate that you want to know God like she does. You're hungry for the depth of revelation she receives from the Word, you're desperate for the words of Scripture to match the realities of your 24/7, you know there's more to untap but you can't quite get there. . .


Friend, we get you, and we have good news for you.


Living into the more of God is possible, not only possible, but what your heavenly Father desires for you. Yes, it'll be a lifelong pursuit of all God has for you, but it'll be worth every choice you make to lean in. . .


You don't need to look sideways at your friends who are rocking living all in for Jesus.

Look up. Look in.


He is with you, He's not going anywhere, and neither are we.

Let's go ALL IN

Join the Devoted Community to love God with all that you are, right where you are and move into the MORE God has for you.

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Hosted by Aimée Walker and Em Tyler

The Devoted Community is a curated online space hosted by Elim accredited Pastor Aimée Walker and Go + Tell Gals Certified Coach and Pastor, Em Tyler. An intentional discipleship hub away from the busyness and stress of social media, the Community will equip, empower, and release you into all that God has for you and help you build a resilient relationship with your God. Our doors open again in July 2023.

Our prayer for you is that in the Devoted Community you will find a company of women cheering you on to go deeper with God, and a toolkit of resources to help you grow in faith. We want to see you drawn closer to the Father's heart and experience everything He has for you.

“The REAL connections, the prayer for each other, the discipleship teaching...
wow, so good. It has truly ignited a fresh LOVE of digging deeply into the Word.”

— Hayley

“Why should you join the Community?

prophetic God
leading, uplifting encouragement.”

— Olivia


“I love it, feeds my soul daily, keeps me on track and looking up. Brings new understanding to the scriptures and has given me a community when I so needed one.”

— Janice

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In the Community you will find:


Download the Mighty Networks app so you can access the Community on your mobile.

Get stuck in! Start connecting, watching, sharing, praying, learning, growing. . .


Let's pursue the more together. . . 

We are able to live a devoted life, fulfilling the greatest commandment to love God with all that we are because a devoted heart is a shalom heart; it is the state of being at peace with God, a quality that permeates and transforms every aspect of our being: bodies, minds, relationships, finances, homes—everything—and renders us whole. The shalom life is God’s gift to us through Christ (Romans 5:1), His personal peace that we can never achieve for ourselves. In Jesus, the barriers to intimacy are removed and our hearts are made whole, able to persevere in faith through an abundance of joy rather than through gritted teeth over our own insufficient efforts.


But in His infinite grace, God goes one step further. He not only dismantles the barriers and gives us this gift of true peace, He also empowers us to live out this life of shalom through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead now lives in us in all His resurrection power (Romans 8:11), moving our renewed hearts to be faithful to God’s commands (Ezekiel 26:26-27) and making a lifestyle of devotion possible.