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Join host Aimée Walker and guests for these conversations about loving God with all that we are, right where we are and be empowered to overcome the obstacles in your own life to pursuing God wholeheartedly. We’re all devoted to something, and God’s desire is that He be the One we ultimately give our hearts to because it’s only through this wholehearted devotion that we can truly live the life He created us for.

In this special bonus episode our guest is none other than our founder Aimée Walker, former pastor, current writer, mother of four, #librarygoals, and black coffee aficionado. Listen in as our Managing Editor Ellie Di Julio interviews Aimée about growing up in a church family, how getting a law degree made her a better student of the Word, separating “work time” from “quiet time” in ministry, what wholehearted devotion means in her life, and God’s vision for @thedevotedcollective.
Sometimes God asks us to take a step of faith away from what we have known and what is comfortable to come follow Him. What will our response be? Join Aimée and Nicole Druskovich as they discuss setting aside comfort to be faithful wherever God calls us to be, putting down our roots as we learn to be present to our season and lean into His faithfulness, confident He is with us in all of our 'wherevers'. Connect with Nicole @nicoledruskovich.
When life doesn’t look as we’d expected or we find ourselves going the long way round, it can be difficult to hold on to our faith. Doubts and fears creep in through the cracks formed by the pressures of life, unwelcome circumstances, and even unusual blessings. At such times, how do we live with the kind of faith that pleases God? Today on the podcast, Aimée talks with Abi Daniel about clinging to God’s ever-present grace and the light of eternity in our seasons of struggle. Connect with Abi @abigaildaniel.
Paul exhorted Timothy to not let anyone look down on him because he was young, but to allow his life to set an example for all believers (1 Timothy 4:12). Our young people are growing up in a time and culture increasingly resistant to faith, and yet, many of them are living out Paul's words as they choose to say "yes" to Jesus. Today on the podcast, we're chatting with Youth Pastor Samara Madsen about pursuing devotion to Christ in a world that isn't and how the Church can champion the rising generations and help them to encounter Jesus for themselves. Connect with Samara @_samaramadsen.
Work. Much of our time is consumed by it, and whether we find ourselves at home, in the marketplace, or serving in a faith-based ministry, God wants us to discover joy and satisfaction in what we put our hands to. Yet all too often we instead find ourselves exhausted or even frustrated, caught up in a seemingly fruitless cycle of striving and doing. What if our work could become the gift God intended it to be? Today on the podcast, Aimée and guest Anya McKee are talking about work as worship and redeeming our toil as we learn to join God in what He is doing. Connect with Anya @anyamckee.
What are you good at? What lights you up? Is it singing? Gardening? Dancing? Cat herding? No matter what your talent is (and yes, you do have one), you can use it for the glory of God—if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and say ‘yes’ to the adventure He is calling you on. Join Aimée and guest Sina Steele as Sina shares her story of rediscovering her strengths. They'll discuss the multiplication of talents in the Kingdom and the power of our past experience to enable our present obedience, reminding us that there is room for everyone to thrive in the Kingdom. Connect with Sina @sinasteele.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say—but whose eye is it? Is it Instagram’s? An advertisement’s? Yours? God’s? This question is vital in our image-driven world where pressure and comparison can wreak havoc on our self-perception. Fortunately, we don’t have to accept any other judgment aside from that of the One Who sees us as beautiful simply because He created us that way. Join Aimée and guest Kerry Finlay as they discuss resisting the pressure to conform to the world’s standards and instead giving full expression to the ways God has made us. Connect with Kerry at
It’s tempting to compartmentalise our soul, spirit, and body as completely separate from one another—it feels easier to handle. But the truth is that God created us as integrated beings. That means that our bodies are just as wondrous, valuable, and holy in Christ as the unseen parts of us. So why do we often treat our bodies as unimportant—or worse, as an enemy? Join Aimée and guest Rebekah Fedrowitz as they discuss how our bodies come into worship and what it looks like to honour and take responsibility for the bodies and the health that we have while also submitting to and trusting in God. Connect with Rebekah at
Intimate relationship with God is built on authenticity and honesty—yet so many of us are uncomfortable expressing or even acknowledging our feelings to Him. How can we commit to loving God with all that we are if we leave out one of the most powerful drivers in our lives: our emotions? Join Aimée and guest Carina Alanson as they explore the role of emotions in faith and how they can become powerful allies, helping us grow in discernment and deepening our relationship with the Lord. Connect with Carina at
None of us are strangers to grief; we have all felt its sting. And while grief can upend us, it can also be an opportunity to encounter firsthand "the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort." Join Aimée and guest Ann Marie Ferry for this special conversation about navigating grief and loss (including pregnancy loss and stillbirth), the power of honest lament, and how very close God is to us in those times. Find Ann-Marie's pregnancy loss resources at
One of the ways that Jesus specifically asks us to love Him is with our minds. But how do we do this when it feels like our minds are broken and dark? How do we pursue devotion when we're struggling with mental illness? Join Aimée and guests Ellie Di Julio and Adelaide Mitchell on the podcast as they share their personal experiences with navigating the intersection of faith and mental health. Follow Ellie @elliedijulio and Adelaide @thestoneandtheoak.
At some point, we all find ourselves in the waiting rooms of life. These places have both the potential to become places of destruction where our faith is derailed, or, places of encounter as we learn to draw near and trust in the Lord's timing. We all want them to be the latter, but how do we steward times of delay well? Join Aimée and guest Penny Patterson as they reflect on what God has taught them as they've waited for the 'proper time' for the desires of their hearts to be fulfilled. 
The Devoted Podcast is kicking off with a conversation about something that can stop us from living devoted lives: comparison. Comparison can trip us up and prevent us from running the race God has marked out for us--or worse still, it can mean we never even get over the start line. Join host Aimée Walker and guest, Becs Green, as we consider how we can overcome comparison and get our eyes back where they belong--on Jesus. To connect with Becs, head to
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