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Building a Word-Rich Life

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We know how busy life gets and how reading our Bibles can sometimes feel like just another on an already too-full to-do-list (and a hard to-do at that!). But we want to turn that sense of duty to wonder; we want to help you discover, devour, and delight in the riches of Scripture so you can encounter Jesus, the Living Word in every line. In "Building a Word-Rich Life", we explore how to read our Bibles well and enjoy them. In addition to mechanics, we'll cover: -Principles that should undergird your Bible study -Grasping the big picture of Scripture -Honouring the Jewish roots of Scripture -Understanding context -How application leads to transformation With four teaching videos and four practical 'how-to's' this course will set you up to study Scripture well and enable you to get more out of your time in the Word. Buy it today and start building a Word-rich life.





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