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Join host Aimée Walker and guests for these conversations about loving God with all that we are, right where we are and be empowered to overcome the obstacles in your own life to pursuing God wholeheartedly. We’re all devoted to something, and God’s desire is that He be the One we ultimately give our hearts to because it’s only through this wholehearted devotion that we can truly live the life He created us for.

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul exhorts us to "Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy." But why does he elevate prophecy above the other spiritual gifts? Join host Aimée Walker and guest Rebecca Brand as they explore the gift of prophecy and consider how it can help connect us to the heart of the Father, drawing us into deeper intimacy with Him. Connect with Rebecca at
As much as we would like God to direct us through neon signs written in the sky, that’s not usually how He works. God’s heart is not simply to tell us what to do, but to impart His wisdom and to give us understanding so that we will be willing participants in the mission He has entrusted us with. So, He invites us into a conversation, drawing us deeper into His love. Our part, is to incline our ears to hear Him. Join host Aimée Walker and guest Rachel Rodger as they discuss learning to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s constant presence and growing in our confidence and ability to discern what He is saying to us. Connect with Rachel at
Join host Aimée Walker and guest Fran Francis as they discuss the importance of spiritual formation—of allowing ourselves to be shaped by God—and the role spiritual direction has to play in helping us notice the movement of God in our lives. You’ll be encouraged to make room for that which is holy, spend less time doing and more time attending, let God gaze upon you, and to find gentle ways of being with Him that offer an antidote to the drivenness of our culture. Connect with Fran at
The Devoted Podcast is back! In season two, we'll be looking at the topic of Devoted Disciplines, considering some of the spiritual practices and gifts that can help us steward our desire to be close to God. If you want more, if you want to go deeper in your faith and not just know about God but really 'know' Him, experiencing the fullness of what He has promised us in His Word, then these conversations are for you! Join us as learn to grow in devotion together, loving God with all that we are, right where we are!