“In the beginning….”


These familiar yet powerful words begin this journey through the book of Genesis. Each day, you’ll read a portion of Scripture paired with a devotion designed to help you sink deep into the Word to reflect on God’s goodness, mercy, sovereignty, and love that has been on display from the first moment of Creation. Genesis is a book of origins, and in its pages you are invited to witness not only the beginnings of humanity, but also the opening chapters of God’s love story and its hero: Jesus.


Journey through the first book of the Bible in this 12-week reading plan. Each weekday, you will read a selection from Genesis and an accompanying devotional that both illuminates the context of the passage and speaks to the heart. Each weekend, you’ll have an opportunity to rest, catch up, and reflect on all God has revealed to you—a task made simpler and deeper by pairing this devotional with the matching journal. Whether you are new to the Word or intimately familiar, begin at the beginning of the story of God and see what wonders He has to show you there.


Bonus content to help you dive deeper into Genesis can be accessed in The Devoted Community.



This is a 5 x 7 PDF download and is not compatible with Kindle.

Reading Through Genesis