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But I Flourish

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Do you ever feel stuck? Does a life of meaning and purpose feel like it will have to wait for another day-for when the demands on you are less, and time and resources abound? Aimée Walker understands this struggle. She spent years waiting for such a day, believing that only then would the thriving life she'd imagined for herself be possible. That's when God arrested her attention with a statement King David made in the midst of adversity: "But I flourish." These three words made her realise she didn't need to wait for circumstances to change-she could flourish now. And so can you. Interweaving David's life with the attributes of three trees referenced in the Psalms and Aimée's own story, this curriculum is a biblical guide to a life of growth and lasting fruitfulness. With eight video sessions, a digital copy of the book, and a supplementary small group discussion guide, you'll learn to: - Embrace where God has you - Overcome hindrances to your growth - Understand your identity and purpose - Find strength through connection You'll discover you don't have to keep waiting for 'another day' to live the life God purposed for you, and be equipped to start growing and thriving right where you are-regardless of how barren or fertile that place may feel. By God's grace, growth is always possible and purpose can be found in every season. Buy it today and make David's words your own testimony.





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