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Known in Hebrew as Shemoth, 'the book of names', from the opening line, Exodus reminds us that we serve a God who cares deeply about His people and knows them by name. This is no distant deity, but One who sees and hears and shows His concern by coming down and entering into it all with us. Yet He does more than simply journey alongside us, He calls us out-out of bondage and slavery to sin and into freedom, into relationship with Himself, inviting us to become a people who dwell in the beauty of His presence.


And so, we extend you the same invitation as we journey through Exodus together in this eight week reading plan-to open yourself to the wonder of who He is and what He is leading you into. Each weekday you will read a selection from Exodus and an accompanying devotional that both illuminates the context of the passage and speaks to the heart. Each weekend you'll have an opportunity to rest, catch up, and reflect on all God has revealed to you, a task made simpler and deeper by pairing this devotional with our "Journalling through Exodus" resource.



Now that the doors to the Community have closed (join the waitlist for our July intake), there are two ways to join The Devoted Collective as we read through Exodus:



  1. Purchase our Reading through Exodus course. This course includes digital copies of Reading Through Exodus and Journalling Through Exodus as well as the teaching videos, digging deeper posts, and feature interviews. Content will unlock each Monday for the duration of the course from the 20th March.
  2. Purchase Reading Through Exodus and Journalling Through Exodus in either print or digital format and go at your own pace as you follow alog with us on socials.


We can't wait to dig deeper into the Word with you!


We can't wait to dig deeper into the Word with you!


This product will deliver as a PDF immediately upon completion of your purchase and is not compatible with Kindle.

Reading Through Exodus | Digital Version