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With echoes of Genesis, John peels back the curtain and invites us to behold with fresh wonder the One who has been with God since the beginning, the One through whom all things were spoken into being: the living Word, Jesus. As we return to that first moment of Creation, where Jesus spoke light and life into being, and watch as He humbles Himself to enter that Creation and make His dwelling among us, John will help us to see Jesus not as we think He should be, but as He truly is in His own words—the great I AM.


Journey through John’s gospel with this eight-week reading plan. Each weekday, you will read a selection from Genesis and an accompanying devotional that both illuminates the context of the passage and speaks to the heart. Each weekend, you’ll have an opportunity to rest, catch up, and reflect on all God has revealed to you—a task made simpler and deeper by pairing this devotional with the matching digital journal. 


Featuring a comprehensive foreword to enhance your contextual understanding of John, this journal is designed to engage both your critical thinking and your creativity. Each weekday, you will use the “Three Os” method of connecting with Scripture to record your observations, obstacles, and outcomes from the day’s passage on generously-lined pages with extra-wide margins for illustration, doodles, or additional notes. Print it off, bind it or create your own folder, and invite Holy Spirit to speak fresh revelation as you read the pages of John, then write it down for whenever you need reminding of God’s goodness.


As a bonus, you’ll also receive our interview with Pastor Mazhar Kefali who developed the “Three O’s” to help you get the most out of this method.


The John Reading Plan kicks off on July 18th so download your copy of the devotional today or purchase as a bundle with the accompanying journal here, then sign up for updates, and join us in The Devoted Community for the full experience! (Please note that these resources are available for free to our Devoted Community members.)

John Bundle