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Have you ever hesitated to step out and say "yes" to God because you haven't  had all the answers? In this study, we'll discover that what God offered Abraham—and what He offers us—is not a detailed roadmap for all the twists and turns of life, but rather the comfort and wisdom of a road Guide. He invites us to follow where He leads; to walk the path of faith hand in hand with Him, and from this place of intimacy, experience a deepening revelation of His plans and purposes.


Faith bids us to walk into the unknown with certainty and confidence, trusting not only in God’s power and ability, but also in the pure goodness of who He is.


Our prayer is that as you study the life of Abraham, you are encouraged afresh to follow in his footsteps of faith; to believe wholeheartedly that God is who He says He is and that He will be faithful to accomplish all that He has promised.





Each day you will read a passage of Scripture followed by an in-depth teaching on the life of Abraham, before using our journalling prompts to respond to what you have been learning.


The full-colour DIGITAL study guide is delivered as an A4 PDF. Please note that digital products are non-refundable and will be delivered via email for immediate download upon purchase.


Footsteps of Faith