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Have you ever struggeld under the weight of trying to be 'enough'?


It's a popular catchphrase meant to encourage us: "You are enough." But as nice as it sounds, it's a subtle lie that holds us back from experiencing the abundant life Jesus offers us.


Not one of us is enough on our own. Deep down we all know it. We feel the reality of it every day. The real truth, the truly beautiful one, is that only Jesus is enough and that through the abundance of His grace and love for us, He reaches down and makes us enough. But it is only when we embrace our need for a Saviour that we can access the riches that Jesus longs to offer us.


A thematic study of the book of Colossians, 'Enough: Unlocking the Power of Christ in Us' invites us to greater dependence on Christ as we explore the fullness of who He is and the wonder that He now fills us. Bringing together exegetical and contemplative practices, this four-week mini study will deepen your understanding of Scripture and fix your eyes on the One who holds all things together. Find relief from the relentless pressure to be enough and discover the freedom of allowing Jesus to be enough for you.




  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll read a section of Colossians and an accompanying devotional with study notes and journaling prompts to help you dig deeper into the Word. 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays we invite you to slow down and write out a portion of Colossians–by the end of the study you’ll have written out the whole book!


The full-colour DIGITAL study guide is delivered as an A4 PDF.


To access bonus video content and connect with other women doing this study, join us in The Devoted Community starting Monday 19th February! 

Enough Mini-Study | By Aimée Walker