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12 Ways in 12 Days: How God Revealed to the World His Son Had Come

By Rachel Rodger


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At Christmas, we reflect on the wonder of God sending Jesus in person as His messenger of grace and truth.

But have you ever considered all the various ways God made it known to the world that this infant child was His own Son?

And does He still speak to us in the same way today?

Over twelve days, this unique devotion explores twelve different ways God shared the good news that His Son, Jesus, had come to save the world.

Each day's devotion includes:

  • an example from Scripture of God communicating with different people

  • how events fit with earlier prophetic words

  • how God might speak to us in this way today

  • personal reflection questions and prayers for your own conversations with God


As you re-examine the events leading up to Jesus’ birth, 12 Ways In 12 Days will give you a fresh perspective on the different ways God might speak to us today.

Product details: 5.5x8.5'' - 85 pages

An Advent Adventure | 12 Ways in 12 Days