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The Sojourner is Seen

Words by Rachel Louise | Illustrations by Marie Warner Preston

Scripture constantly reminds us of this truth: No one is overlooked by God. As we lean into the story of how God brought Isaac and Rebekah together, we meet Abraham's servant whose humility and faithfulness were used mightily by God and are reminded that our own surrender can be a powerful vehicle for God to work through.

I’m often blown away when Scripture details the lives of those who would ordinarily be overlooked. This is where I sit up and pay attention because, if they’re mentioned, there’s something significant that needs to be seen, as in the journey of Abraham’s humble servant.

As this unnamed man embarks on the task laid out before him, he petitions the Lord for success on his sojourn and that he would be led on the right road. He soon comes beside a spring, requesting a sign that will lead him to the right woman for his master’s son. The original Greek word used for spring is oir, literally translating to ‘the eye of the water.’ And it is beside this ‘eye’ that the Lord deeply sees the servant. God’s gaze delves beyond outward appearance to prayers made in the quiet of his heart which are answered even before they are through (v.45). Rebekah approaches, and the way ahead becomes clear. This resounding pattern of petition and answer blankets the entire journey as the servant asks for success (v.42) and sees it granted (v.56).

Under the Lord’s gaze, the overlooked are seen. His faithful ones are answered and led on the right road. Twice God answers the servant’s petition, and twice the servant responds to this grace in worship and thanksgiving. Upon meeting Rebekah, he “bowed down and worshipped the Lord” (v.48), and upon Rebekah’s family approving her leaving with him, he “bowed down to the ground before the Lord” (v.52). His immediate response is one of prostration, of making himself physically low so that God may be lifted high.

Rather than taking success upon himself, glory is given to God alone.

This dramatic turn to worship doesn’t just happen when the full journey is completed but at every successful step along the way. At every hurdle, the servant makes his petition, and at each victory, he gives thanks. The narrative is laced with God’s divine guidance and faithfulness. And this sparkling testimony is what others see when they encounter him.

This entire endeavour is bursting with people seen by God—and made able to see each other. As Isaac looks up, he sees Rebekah (v.63), and Rebekah also looks up and sees Isaac (v.64). And so blossoms a marriage of being truly seen: a relationship of mutual love and comfort where he loves her and she comforts him (v.67).

By his witness of worship and testimony, the servant has thrown open the door between being seen by God and allowing God to be seen through him. In fact, the servant recounts the Lord’s faithfulness for most of this chapter. His successful journey becomes a witness to the goodness of God, and Laban, known to have worshipped false gods, is shown what worshipping the one true God looks like.

This God-honouring success ultimately ends in Isaac and Rebekah being united, fulfilling Abraham’s desire and God’s promise that his offspring would increase—a promise sparking the lineage that will lead us to Jesus.

Like the unnamed servant, our own hearts are set on pilgrimage towards Christ. We lead lives of being seen by God and those who don’t yet know Him. As we petition God for direction, we are led along the right road, and as we respond in worship, our lives become testimonies seen by those around us.

You are not beyond God’s notice. And your seemingly small, everyday acts of obedience offer witness to those around you in ways you may never know. This is the glory of a quiet life, led by divine guidance and lived in a posture of worship: that as we are known by God, He may be known by others.

Where in your life have you not yet reached your desired destination? What progress and victories towards it could you stop and praise God for today? Thank Him that He sees you and will be faithful to outwork His plans and purposes for your life.

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