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Where is The Devoted Collective based?


The Devoted Collective is run out of Auckland, New Zealand, but our team is spread across New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and even as far as Norway!


Are you affiliated with a particular denomination? 


The Devoted Collective is a non-denominational ministry. You can read our Statement of Belief here.


Where do you ship to?


Our products ship worldwide. If you are outside of New Zealand, you are welcome to purchase through our website and our distributor will ship direct to your location, but you may find it quicker and more cost-efficient to purchase through Amazon. On our product pages you’ll find direct links to Amazon so you can compare shipping costs. If you wish to purchase through our store and your location is not showing as available, please contact us for a customised quote.

What currency is your pricing in?

Our pricing is in NZD. If you are based outside of New Zealand, the pricing is typically less in your own currency. 


How often do your reading plans run?


We offer our deep-dive reading plans twice a year and they run for 8 weeks. We also offer a range of mini-studies and reading challenges throughout the year.


What do I need to participate in one?


We have a level of engagement to suit every situation and every budget!  For each reading plan, we offer the following:


  • A digital journal featuring a comprehensive foreword and generously-lined pages for you to record your observations, obstacles, and outcomes.

  • Daily devotionals available via email or as a PDF download.

  • Video teaching, feature interviews, small group discussions, and additional resources in The Devoted Community. 

You'll find our reading plan resources in our store where your can mix and match our resources in any way you like!

How much reading is involved?


We know how busy life gets, so we’ve broken each week up into five days of readings, leaving the weekends as ‘grace days’ to catch up if you’ve fallen behind and to allow you to review and reflect on what you’ve been learning with our ‘Week in Review’ journalling pages. The daily Scripture passages can vary in length but are usually a chapter or less, which we encourage you to read using our “Three O’s” journalling method. You also have the option of reading the corresponding devotional with the daily reading to further enrich your time in the Word.


What is the “Three O’s Journalling Method”?


Adapted from a method our founder, Aimee learned from her father, a now-retired pastor, the three ‘O’s’ are Observations, Obstacles, and Outcomes.


After reading the passage, the first step is to engage with the text by observing the themes, characters, context, and principles contained in it. Then you wrestle: What don’t you understand or what is a struggle for you to outwork? Record these, they are currently your obstacles. And finally, you pause to consider the application–the outcome–of the passage in your life. What does it mean for you? What action might you need to take? We don’t want to simply consume information but to allow ourselves to be shaped and transformed into the image of Christ by fully enjoying and digesting the Word.


You’ll find ideas and tips for using this method in our reading plan journals. 


If the plan has already started, is it too late to join?


It’s never too late to join us! We welcome you to dive in with us at any point in time. Whether you choose to start at the beginning or skim to catch up with us, we know you will be blessed by spending this time in the Word with us. 

What is The Devoted Community?

The Devoted Community is an intentional discipleship space away from the busyness and noise of social media where you can know and be known. It's the place where we go deeper, cultivating true and biblical community as we pursue a lifestyle of devotion to God.


 What does it cost?

There are two membership options. You can sign up for the pay-as-you-go option for $10 per month or get two months FREE when you sign up for the entire year–just $100! If you choose the monthly option you can cancel at any time. Membership opens twice-yearly in January and in June. Sign-up to be the first to know when our doors next open here.

Your investment in The Devoted Community is so much more than a financial transaction. By purchasing a membership, you're supporting small business, promoting Kingdom growth, and ensuring this space stays strong and valuable to you.

What do I get in my membership?

In The Devoted Community you will find:

  • Bible reading plans with dedicated small groups

  • Encouraging and thought-provoking posts

  • Monthly discipleship themes

  • Coffee and video chats with our directors, Aimée and Emily

  • Exclusive content

  • Dedication to prayer, the Word, and fellowship

  • Believers seeking the heart of God—just like you

But this is about more than perks and groups. It’s about belonging. It’s about a dedicated place away from the busyness and noise of social media. It’s about a place where you are seen and known; a place to gain wisdom and knowledge; a place to explore and embrace; a place to go higher and deeper and wider in God in the company of new friends and chosen family. We hope to meet you there!

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