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The Invitation of Prayer

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In a busy noisy world, God calls us away from the hustle and bustle into deeper communion with Him. One of the ways that He does this is through prayer--through conversations with Him. But so often we feel like we're just not 'good' at prayer, like there's some magic formula to getting our prayers answered that we somehow missed the memo about, and so we shy away from the opportunity to talk with God, and in the process, rob ourselves of accepting His invitation to intimacy and transformation. In "The Invitation of Prayer," we help you strip away the lies you've been believing and help you get confident about prayer so you can move into the more of God. With four modules, we'll unpack: -The invitation to draw near and receive the help that we need. -Becoming people that God can confide in and share His heart with. -The privilege and responsibility of continuing the works of Christ. -Being transformed and bringing transformation through prayer. From contemplative prayer practices to how to pray for healing to partnering with God through prophetic prayer, course will deepen your conversations with God. Buy it today and say "yes" to God's invitation.





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